Susie and Caitlin of Well Rounded Meals

Burning Questions?

Do you have some burning questions for us? Hopefully not about burnt food. 

First, thank you for your interest in Well Rounded Meals. We are two moms, one a bonafide chef, the other a bonafide taste tester. We started making freezer meals ages ago, appreciating how much they can simplify the crazy end-of-day mealtime. Now we want to share our delicious meals with other busy folks.

Please review our "Frequently Asked Questions" below or contact us for more information. 

Thank You Again!
The Team at Well Rounded Meals


Just how easy is it to make a Well Rounded Meal?

We get it. You've been burned by meal kits that promised simplicity but left you drowning in prep work. Fear not, weary kitchen warriors! At Well Rounded Meals, we're flipping the script on complexity. Don't take our word for it; let our pint-sized food critic (6) and taste tester (4) show you how to "prep" your Well Rounded Meal in just 30 seconds. It's not just easy; it's kiddo-approved, hassle-free, and ready to make your dinner time a breeze. Watch our mini maestros in action over on our IG – because making delicious meals should be as easy as child's play! 🍽️✨

Subscriptions? What are they and how do I get one?

At Well Rounded Meals, we understand you may want to try a meal or two before taking on a meal subscription.

With this in mind, we created a few purchasing options.

First, we do offer the ability to place an order without requiring a subscription. This means you can mix and match and add whatever meals are available on the website during the ordering window to your cart and submit your order. Under this non-subscription option, you'll pay the regular price per meal and whatever respective shipping or delivery costs and taxes that apply. 

Subscriptions are also available for customers who love the convenience and flavor of our meals, and would like to create a reoccurring order every month. Customers can select and receive 3 (Nibble), 6 (Nosh), or 9 (Never Cook Again) meals, depending on the plan they select, and receive a discount to boot.

Nibble - With Nibble you will get 3 meals at a discount (10%) with $10 delivery or free pick up. If you add meals while enrolled on this plan, you'll get additional meals for 10% off. 

Nosh - With Nosh you will get 6 meals at a discount (10%) with $5 delivery or free pick up. If you add meals while enrolled on this plan, you'll get additional meals for 10% off.

Never Cook Again -  With Never Cook Again you will get 9 meals at a discount (10%) with free delivery or free pick up. If you add meals while enrolled on this plan, you'll get additional meals for 10%.

Customers with subscription plans will have the option to make changes to their next upcoming orders regarding what meals they'll receive and if they need to place their subscription on pause, etc. 

Pausing or Canceling Subscription

Pausing - we understand customers may want to pause their order (e.g., vacation, out of town, etc.). This can be done through your subscription customer account.

Canceling a subscription - because of how Well Rounded Meals processes orders and offers discounts for subscription plans, we require the first order be fulfilled before customers can submit a cancelation request.  

We ask that if you are pausing or canceling your subscription, please do so before the next ordering window closes. This will allow us time to ensure your subscription order is not processed for that month. 

Customers should receive reminder emails about upcoming ordering windows, their next subscription, and scheduled payment. Please check junk and spam folders if you are not seeing our emails. These emails are sent out far enough in advance to give customers ample time to submit a pause or cancelation request. 

If you do not receive a confirmation the order has been paused or canceled, please contact us.

Yes, subscription plans can be reinstated. 

What constitutes a meal and how many serivings are there?

A meal is one dinner. You can expect 4-6 servings per meal, based on portion sizes. We're big fans of leftovers, so we try to meal prep in a similar manner.

But we make no promises if you have ravenous teenagers.

How does ordering work?

We have two ordering windows each month. 

First Order Window: Orders are open through 1 - 10th of the month, with pick up and delivery options running from 15th - 19th. (These dates can shift depending on when it falls during the week.) 

Second Order Window: Orders are open 15th - 25th, with pick up and delivery options running 26th - 30th. (These dates can shift depending on when it falls during the week.) 

What is the pricing like?

We aim to keep meals affordable and consistent with market costs. The rate for our meals (average ~4-6 servings) is $18.00 (before taxes). Monthly specials are $20.00.

Discounts are available for those who sign up for our subscription meal plans and every so often we highlight a monthly special. 

We will be having 2 additional price increases in 2023 to catch up with the rising costs of ingredients. Please see the notice below: 

Discontinued meals on a subscription

There may come a time when a particular meal is discontinued. Once the meal has been discontinued, it will be removed from the website and not available for purchase.  

If this happens, subscription customers will be emailed and have the opportunity to add a different meal in place of the discontinued one to their upcoming order under their subscription customer portal. Here, you can edit/add/remove meals. Only subscription meals will be available to choose from.

We ask that customers who do have subscriptions, when making changes to their upcoming order, do so before the ordering window each month closes. This ensures we are able to accommodate your new meal selections. 

We will send out regular emails about upcoming order window, new meal announcements, meals being discontinued, and reminders related to subscriptions and billing. We aim to give users ample time to make changes to their subscriptions, as needed. 

One-off meals, gift boxes, or monthly meal deals are not included as they are not products customers can subscribe to month-to-month.

Do you offer delivery or pick-up?

Sure do! Currently, delivery is available within 25 miles from Pot Spring Elementary (in Timonium, MD) for $10.

We also have two pick-up locations:

- Near Pot Springs Elementary in Lutherville-Timonium, right off I-83.

- Embark Education in Sparks (Timing is limited and is ideal for folks with students at Embark)
Steps 6 & 7 of our Subscription buying guide outline specifically how to select these options. You can find that guide here.

For additional questions regarding pick up options, please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a pick up location for Well Rounded, please contact us!

Address Alerts or Error Message at Checkout? We Only Offer Meals Withing The State of Maryland (MD)

As much as we would love to offer our delicious and convenient meal plans to everyone who wants to order, we are currently limited to offering our services within the state of Maryland (MD) where we are based. This includes a 25 mile radius from 21093. 

We are a local business looking to grow and thrive and would love the opportunity, one day, to be part of your household. Until then, we will feed our lucky locals. 

If you feel this is in error, please contact us.

Do you cater?

We do offer catering, locally, for special events. We love to carry our knowledge on food allergens into the prepared food spaces. But can also build menus outside that realm as well. Please contact us for more information.

How do you prepare the meals?

So glad you asked! Each Well Rounded meal will come to you with a label on the side with the following elements: QR Code, Nutrition Information, and Ingredients. 

For cooking instructions, scan the QR code, and find the corresponding meal from the list. We include pressure cooker and slow cooker instructions, and pairing or final instructions for each. 

If your QR code isn't working, click here for the list of instructions!