Meals with Heart

At Well Rounded Meals, our journey is deeply personal. We've walked in the shoes of those we serve – navigating the challenges of dietary restrictions, juggling the demands of parenthood, and wrestling with the fear of uncertainty in the kitchen. I, too, experienced the daunting task of eliminating gluten, dairy, and soy from my diet while nursing, and even as a culinary professional, I felt the weight of uncertainty about what I could eat.

Our passion stems from firsthand experience – the realization that there's a serious lack of resources for individuals and families who aren't at the top of the financial food chain, yet they're the ones who deserve access to safe, nutritious meals the most. We believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're nourishing their bodies and their families without compromise.

That's why we've made it our mission to provide a solution that goes beyond convenience – it's about compassion and empowerment. Our top 8 allergen-free meals are not just about filling bellies; they're about filling hearts and homes with comfort, joy, and reassurance.

From one parent to another, we understand the struggles and the sacrifices, and we're here to offer a helping hand and a warm meal to those who need it most. With Well Rounded Meals, you're not just purchasing a product – you're investing in a community of support, understanding, and shared experiences. Together, we're rewriting the narrative around food, ensuring that no one has to choose between health, happiness, and financial stability. We're in this together, because everyone deserves a seat at the table.

Let's Meet The Crew

Susie Veech - Chef Executive Officer

Susie has been in the kitchen most of her life. She perfected her spaghetti recipe by age 10, and was feeding friends at house parties in colllege.

After graduating with her Bachelors, Susie's dad asked what she wanted to do next. Susie immediately replied, "I want to go to culinary school." Susie's love and passion for feeding others has continued to grow. Her ability to see past individual ingredients to the finished product has led her to create usual pairings that complemented each other perfectly.

Susie loves feeding our customers and making their lives a smidge easier. Her favorite WRM dish? Beef stew, and don't forget the biscuits!


Caitlin Veech - Professional Cat Herder

Caitlin has many great loves, but her top two are food and words. Hence, it was a natural pairing for her to act as the initial taste tester when WRM was in its infancy.

As the company has grown, Caitlin has continued to provide her sage advice on how to best season upcoming dishes along with witty menu descriptions, spicy social media posts, and sprinkles of humor.

Caitlin tirelessly works to keep the team on track and our customers happy! Her favorite WRM dish? Tuscan Chicken served over lemon smashed potatoes! Yum.




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Just how easy is it to make a Well Rounded Meal?

We get it. You've been burned by meal kits that promised simplicity but left you drowning in prep work. Fear not, weary kitchen warriors! At Well Rounded Meals, we're flipping the script on complexity. Don't take our word for it; let our pint-sized food critic (6) and taste tester (4) show you how to "prep" your Well Rounded Meal in just 30 seconds. It's not just easy; it's kiddo-approved, hassle-free, and ready to make your dinner time a breeze. Watch our mini maestros in action over on our IG – because making delicious meals should be as easy as child's play! 🍽️✨

Subscriptions? What are they and why should I get one?

What constitutes a meal and how many servings are there?

How does ordering work?

We have two ordering windows each month. 

First Order Window: Orders are open through 1 - 10th of the month, with delivery running from 15th - 19th, based on your zip code (These dates can shift depending on when it falls during the week.) 

Second Order Window: Orders are open 15th - 25th, with delivery running 26th - 30th, based on your zip code (These dates can shift depending on when it falls during the week.) 

What is pricing like?

We aim to keep meals affordable and consistent with market costs. The rate for our meals (average ~4-6 servings) is currenlty $19-$25 depending on selection. That starts at $4.75 a portion! 

Discounts are available for those who sign up for our subscription meal plans and every so often we highlight a monthly special. 


How do I get my meals once I've ordered?

Currently, delivery is available within 25 miles from Timonium, MD for $10. Unless you spend $100 on your order, or are one of our amazing family subscribers - then it's F-R-E-E. 

You will receive a delivery date in your confirmation email, and then another one a few days before delivery to confirm. We do offer make-up days, because we get it, we have crazy lives too!

Pausing or Cancelling Subscriptions

Pausing - we understand customers may want to pause their order (e.g., vacation, out of town, etc.). This can be done through your subscription customer portal.

Canceling a subscription - because of how Well Rounded Meals processes orders and offers discounts for subscription plans, we require the first order be fulfilled before customers can submit a cancelation request.  

We ask that if you are pausing or canceling your subscription, please do so before the next ordering window closes. This will allow us time to ensure your subscription order is not processed for that month. 

Customers should receive reminder emails about upcoming ordering windows, their next subscription, and scheduled payment. Please check junk and spam folders if you are not seeing our emails. These emails are sent out far enough in advance to give customers ample time to submit a pause or cancelation request. 

If you do not receive a confirmation the order has been paused or canceled, please contact us.

Yes, subscription plans can be reinstated. 

Previous months meals on a subscription - what happens?

We rotate our menu monthly, and if you don't get the chance to update your meals prior to renewal, there will be an automatic swap for a new meal upon renewal.

We ask that customers who do have subscriptions, when making changes to their upcoming order, do so before the ordering window each month closes. This ensures we are able to accommodate your new meal selections. If you should miss your window, we will offer a one time change for Free (because we get it, we're parents). 

But to make changes to subscription orders we must cancel the first, refund it to you, and send another. On each of these transactions we are charged a nominal fee. So any further edits, we will extend that fee to you.

We will send out regular emails about upcoming order window, new meal announcements, meals being discontinued, and reminders related to subscriptions and billing. We aim to give users ample time to make changes to their subscriptions, as needed. 

One-off meals, gift boxes, or monthly meal deals are not included as they are not products customers can subscribe to month-to-month.