Meals With Heart

We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. Freezer meals have been a staple in our lives for many years. We appreciated that a little prep on our end turned into easy to make dinners for our family. As time went on, more and more friends asked us if we'd be willing to put together a few freezer meals for them as well. Fast forward to summer 2020 and from a simple miscommunication (marriage, IYKYK) stemmed a beautiful opportunity: to feed the greater community. We saw that many of you were exhausted - tired of cooking, doing dishes, juggling work and school. From that stemmed our North Star, our guiding light: creating delicious, allergy-conscious meals for ALL families. From the very beginning, we have put lots of love and careful thought into all we do. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others.

Let's Meet The Crew

Chef Susie Veech of Well Rounded Meals

Susie Veech - Chef Executive Officer

Susie has been in the kitchen most of her life. She perfected her spaghetti recipe by age ten and fed friends at house parties in college.

After graduating with her Bachelors, Susie's dad asked what she wanted to do next. Susie immediately replied, "I want to go to culinary school." Susie's love and passion for feeding others have continued to grow. Her ability to see past individual ingredients to the finished product has led her to create usual pairings that complement each other perfectly.

Susie loves feeding our customers and making their lives a smidge easier. Her favorite WRM dish? Beef stew, and don't forget the biscuits!

Caitlin Veech of Well Rounded Meals

Caitlin Veech - Professional Cat Herder

Caitlin has many great loves, but her top two are food and words. Hence, it was a natural pairing for her to act as the initial taste tester when WRM was in its infancy.

As the company has grown, Caitlin has continued to provide her sage advice on how to best season upcoming dishes along with witty menu descriptions, spicy social media posts, and sprinkles of humor.

Caitlin tirelessly works to keep the team on track and our customers happy! Her favorite WRM dish? Tuscan Chicken served over lemon smashed potatoes! Yum.